setting goals

Setting Goals for Nutrition

Set yourself goals that are measurable and attainable. These do not necessarily have to be immediate, a 3 or 6-month time frame is fine. Aim for weight loss of 0.5 – 1kg per week (1 – 2lbs).

Remember that it is only physically possible to lose 1kg of fat (adipose tissue) per week maximum. Crash dieting will lead to rapid weight loss eliminating mainly water, glycogen (muscle fuel) and lean tissues (muscles, and organs), not the fat your are trying to lose.

Setting realistic achievable goals is vital if you are to maintain focus and get back on track when the inevitable lapses occur. Why not compile your own list of goals and continue to monitor your progress against them?

Start by making some personal pledges to yourself. Take time out to think about these vows, and don’t make them lightly. Remember, weight management is about lifelong changes so it’s pointless making pledges that you know are not going to last.


“Always Shop Smart”!

“Make time to be more active in my daily routines, and aim never to have a totally sedentary day”.

“Modify my eating choices according to the smart food chart, and when presented with options; always think healthy”.

“Complete the truth diary daily to keep track of patterns of eating, and ensure I hit my 5 eating points a day”.

“Take time out to ensure that I have the right foods at home, and also to prepare my food for the next day”.

“Always start the day with a sensible breakfast”.

“Make sure I get to bed early enough, so that I am rested and have plenty of energy, to be mentally “on top” and to stay in control”.