Achieving your Goals

Personal Training can actually help you stick to your fitness goals. This could be either toning, sports specific, weight-loss or building muscle.

Using proper technique is important for both results and injury. Using improper technique for exercises can cause injury, or not give you the desired results. A Personal Trainer will help overcome all this. Along with proper nutrition, correct exercises, and the motivation from someone else to push you that little bit further, you will start to see results in no time.

From our initial consultation we will talk with you about nutritional planning, whether you want to tone up & burn fat or have a specific sport you play and you want to compliment that with a sports specific workout plan.

Setting realistic achievable goals is vital if you are to maintain focus and get back on track when the inevitable lapses occur. Why not compile your own list of goals and continue to monitor your progress against them?

My short-term goals are:

My long-term goal is:

To achieve my goals I must:

• Lose body fat
• Relax, release stress and sleep better
• Gain lean weight
• Improve overall health
• Firm and tone
• Increase self-esteem and confidence
• Increase fitness levels
• Increase energy and vitality
• Mental alertness and performance