You’ve always suspected it, but we can confirm that behavioural changes are the only way to successful long-term weight management. In order to achieve your goals, three things are required:

  • Identifying and accepting your personal negative or counterproductive behaviour
  • Developing meaningful strategies and systems for ensuring that you can change
  • Maintaining the motivation to make those changes become a permanent feature of your life

Try not to make too many changes all at once, and celebrate each small change as they will conflate to make an enormous difference. Take one step at a time, and never underestimate the importance of the goals that you have set yourself.

Identifying weaknesses

How often have you started a healthy eating regime, or an exercise programme, only for something to happen to scupper your progress? Or perhaps your best intentions just fizzled out?

Write down some issues that have defeated you in the past, and start a plan to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Why do I buy the foods that make things difficult for me?
I will shop smarter and this is how I will do that:

What are my weakness foods?
I will avoid these by:

When am I most vulnerable?
I can combat this by:

My resolve collapses when
Next time this happens I will:

I overeat when
I will ensure that: