The measurements that we take are intended to provide an overall picture of the body composition and the changes that are occurring. Ultimately people will have their own indicators for success, and this may be dress size, number of belt notches or simply their appearance, which is entirely subjective. For this reason, do not get too hung up on any particular measurements, and treat them all as aids in helping you to progress.

Weight should be taken weekly and body fat and waist monthly, and the progress that we are looking for is gradual. The bodyfat bio-impedance machines are sensitive to hydration levels, and may vary from week to week – which is why this measurement is taken monthly.


A 1/2 – 1-kilo (1 – 2lb) weekly weight loss is an ideal target for long-term weight management. Attempting to lose more than 4 kilos per month will prove counterproductive, and could have a detrimental effect on your health.

% Body fat

A 1% – 2% reduction in body fat over a month is an excellent result.

Waist measurement

You may choose to take your own measurement at home. When taking waist measurements, the tape should be between the navel and first rib, or at the widest point around your waist.

A 2– 4 centimetre reduction in waist measurement in a month is a great result.